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Get Your Property Back with SmartWater

In the realm of property security, the challenge of retrieving stolen items – particularly those of irreplaceable value or sentimental importance – has always been daunting. Traditional methods often fall short in identifying and returning stolen property to its rightful owner. Enter Smart Water, a game-changing solution that transforms the landscape of property protection by embedding a unique “fingerprint” on your valuables, making them easily identifiable as yours.

Why Choose Smart Water for Your Security Needs?

Smart Water’s innovative technology offers a foolproof way to mark your property, from invaluable artworks and sensitive computer equipment to jewellery and even large machinery. This distinctive marking is invisible to the naked eye but can be detected by specialised police equipment, significantly aiding in the recovery of stolen items and the apprehension of thieves.

Long Lasting and Tamper Proof

Smart Water’s formula is designed to last for years without the need for reapplication. Once applied, it is extremely difficult to remove and does not degrade over time. This enduring quality ensures that your valuables remain protected long after the initial application, making it a cost-effective solution for long-term security.

Wide Ranging Applications

The versatility of Smart Water technology allows it to be used across a variety of sectors. It is not only beneficial for individual property owners but also for businesses looking to protect their assets. Retail stores, warehouses, and construction sites can all benefit from the added layer of security that Smart Water provides.

Integration with Other Security Measures

Smart Water can be integrated seamlessly with your existing security systems. When used in conjunction with CCTV, alarm systems, and physical security measures, it provides a comprehensive security solution that deters thieves and helps law enforcement agencies quickly recover stolen goods.

Proven Track Record

The effectiveness of Smart Water has been proven in numerous case studies where property marked with Smart Water led to the successful prosecution of criminals and the recovery of stolen items. Police forces around the world recognise and use the technology, which has been instrumental in reducing crime rates in communities where it is widely deployed.

Environmental and Safety Compliance

Smart Water is non-toxic and environmentally friendly, designed to be safe for use in a wide range of environments without harming people, pets, or the planet. This compliance with environmental and safety standards makes it an ideal choice for businesses and individuals who are conscious of their ecological footprint.

Easy Implementation

Applying Smart Water is straightforward and can be done quickly by anyone. Upon purchasing Smart Water, you will receive a kit with everything needed for application, including detailed instructions. This ease of use ensures that you can protect your assets without the need for professional installation.

Enhancing Recovery Rates

By marking your assets with Smart Water, you not only deter theft but also enhance the likelihood of recovering your property if it is stolen. Law enforcement agencies equipped with the technology to detect Smart Water markings prioritise the return of these items to their rightful owners.

A Strong Deterrent

The presence of Smart Water is a strong deterrent to potential thieves. Once they know that an item is marked with Smart Water, the risk of being caught and prosecuted increases significantly. Many criminals avoid targeting properties known to use Smart Water, leading to an overall decrease in attempted thefts.

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