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Secure Your Farm and Estate

Rural crime continues to increase in 2024

Farms and estates present unique security challenges, with their rural locations making them particularly susceptible to crime. Recent figures from NFU Mutual reveal a worrying 15% increase in farm machinery thefts compared to 2017, with losses exceeding £40 million. Beyond machinery, fuel, and livestock are also prime targets for thieves, highlighting the critical need for vigilant security measures.

Innovative Security for Rural Peace of Mind

By understanding the unique vulnerabilities of rural properties, we’ve developed an array of simple yet effective security solutions designed to integrate seamlessly with any existing alarm system, enhancing protection without the need for extensive modifications.

Introducing the Weatherproof Security Loop

Our pioneering Security Loop system offers robust protection for your valuable machinery and assets. This innovative solution links wirelessly to any existing alarm system up to 1km away, functioning as an additional zone on your alarm panel. Installation is swift and straightforward, enabling quick setup and removal as needed, securing your vehicles and essential equipment effortlessly.

Activate Comprehensive Alarm Features

With our security solutions, you benefit from the full spectrum of alarm functionalities, including immediate alerts to you or the police, depending on your preferences.

Tailored Solutions for Comprehensive Coverage:

  • External Beams: Utilise invisible lasers to detect movement through any gaps in foliage, offering unparalleled perimeter security.
  • Radio Links: Extend the reach of your alarms and CCTV coverage, ensuring no corner of your property is left unprotected.
  • Perimeter Fencing and Gates: Deter potential intruders with physical barriers that reinforce the security of your farm or estate.

    At Falcon Security, we’re dedicated to safeguarding every aspect of your rural property with our extensive range of expert security solutions. Whether you’re seeking advice or ready for a detailed security assessment, our team is here to provide a complimentary survey tailored specifically to the needs of your farm or estate.

    Advanced Monitoring Solutions

    To further enhance the security of rural properties, we offer advanced monitoring solutions that keep a watchful eye over your entire estate:

  • Drone Surveillance: Deploy drones for aerial surveillance to monitor vast areas quickly and efficiently. This is particularly useful for checking on remote sections of your property or during large-scale events.
  • Mobile Security Apps: Stay connected with your security systems through our mobile apps, which provide real-time alerts and live video feeds directly to your smartphone or tablet.
  • Solar-Powered Security: For locations without easy access to power, our solar-powered cameras and sensors provide a reliable and environmentally friendly security solution.

    Customisable Security Plans

    Every farm and estate has unique security needs. We customise our plans to match the specific requirements and challenges of your property, considering factors such as size, layout, and typical threats.

    Ongoing Support and Maintenance

    To ensure that your security systems remain effective over time, Falcon Security offers ongoing support and maintenance. Our team is available for regular check-ups, system updates, and any necessary repairs to keep your security measures up to date and fully functional.

    Enhance Your Rural Security with Falcon Security

    Protecting your farm or estate is vital, and with Falcon Security, you can rest assured that your property is secure from all angles. Contact us today to learn more about our specialised security solutions for rural properties and to schedule your complimentary security assessment.

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